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Key Specifications and Features

  • Frequency : 8MHz to 4GHz
  • P1dB Output : +18dBm
  • Phase Noise : -172dBc/Hz at 10kHz
  • Gain : 14dB at 1GHz
  • Power Supply : 6VDC to 12 VDC (80mA)
  • Integrated Ultra Low Noise Bias Network

The Holzworth HX2400 is a broadband, Ultra Low Phase Noise RF Amplifier originally designed for use in laboratory and measurement applications where low phase noise and low additive jitter are critical. The proprietary circuitry allows for broadband, ultra low phase noise performance while being powered via a typical bench top power supply. The HX2400 can be powered from bench top power supplies, a standard AC/DC adapter (available separately) or via a 6VDC to 12VDC battery. Battery operation is ideal for use in closed systems and ground isolated systems where low noise is absolutely critical. Furthermore, Hi-Rel design and manufacturing standards have been adopted ensuring a solid deign for demanding OEM applications. Holzworth products are 100% final performance tested for phase noise verification.

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