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Holzworth Real Time Phase Noise Analyzers

Measuring the TRUE NOISE FLOOR of a Cross Correlation Analyzer

A key attribute that sets Holzworth HA7000 Series Real Time Phase Noise Analyzers apart from the competition is the capability for measuring the absolute phase noise floor of each instrument. This is very valuable information because like spectrum analyzers, no two phase noise analyzers are identical even if they are of the same make and model number. The absolute noise floor measurement capability is available with Holzworth phase noise analyzers due to a unique reconfigurable front end that allows users to access several internal modules. The ability to measure the actual noise floor of the instrument provides users with a known level of confidence in their data by demonstrating the instrument’s true noise floor relative to the measured data.

Synthesizers Lead in Phase Noise, Spectral Purity and Volume


A Microwave Journal online brief in March 2016 gives credence to Holzworth's HSX Series, Multi-Channel RF Synthesizer product line. Holzworth is the market leader in providing the highest independently tunable channel density in rack mountable units. The HSX Series does this with industry leading performance. This can be viewed directly on the Microwave Journal website.

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