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Measuring the True Noise Floor of a Holzworth Phase Noise Analyzer (Part 2)

Delivering industry-leading phase noise performance, Holzworth Real-Time Phase Noise Analyzers leave nothing to interpretation by measuring the true noise floor of the analyzer itself. Part 2 explains how Holzworth can uniquely reveal the actual limits of an analyzer to enable various test and measurement needs. For more information, visit

Measuring the True Noise Floor of a Holzworth Phase Noise Analyzer (Part 1)

The Holzworth HA7000 Series Real Time Phase Noise Analyzers provide a noise floor approximation like competitive designs, but also have the unique ability to measure the true noise floor of the analyzer itself. In Part 1, learn about the basics and importance of noise floor, as well as phase noise measurement capabilities from Holzworth and the T&M industry. For more information, visit

HA7402A – Auto Calibration Demonstration


Jason Breitbarth (Holzworth's CTO) demonstrates the auto-calibration function of the HA7402B Phase Noise Analyzer using external test LOs while also showing the pure measurement speed. External LO Mode is also a function available in the HA7062B.

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