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The Importance of Low Phase Noise and How to Measure It

Phase noise is present in all electronic signals. Phase noise is caused by the unintentional phase modulation of an RF waveform, no RF signals are perfect. The phase noise component will then reduce the fidelity of an RF signal which can have significant effects, causing higher symbol errors in communications systems or masking returns in radar systems. To describe phase noise another way, the same phenomena in the time domain is called jitter. Like phase noise, it will affect the signal’s overall fidelity. One of the main ways to optimize system performance is by reducing phase noise as much as possible. Due to phase noise’s potential significant negative impacts, it is essential to be able to optimally measure phase noise throughout the testing process.

Real-Time Automated Residual Phase Noise Measurements to 50GHz

Phase Noise Analysis has traditionally been a smaller sector of the electronics test and measurement market, primarily being a parameter that was verified by defense RADAR systems providers. With the rapid growth of high-speed communications markets, everyone from chipset manufacturers to complete systems providers have been adopting phase noise as a key parameter for quantifying RF signal stability performance. Furthermore, phase noise can be quickly converted to jitter, enabling a reliable method for rapid jitter analysis in time domain applications.

Quickly Evaluate High Performance Oscillators


UPDATED White Paper for the HA7000C Series Real Time Phase Noise Analysers. Oscillator manufacturers and engineers who frequently need to evaluate the performance of ultra low phase noise oscillators. They need to perform these tests both quickly and accurately...

Coherent Multi-Channel RF Synthesis


There are many paths to accomplishing a broadband RF synthesis architecture. Depending on the application, there are trade offs to be considered. This white paper compares the advantages and disadvantages among three common architectures: DDS/Direct Analog, PLL-based, and Analog.

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