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HX2410 CW to CMOS Conversion Amplifier

Key Specifications and Features:

  • Convert Sinusoid (CW) to CMOS Logic
  • Reduce effects of Trigger Jitter
  • Increase Oscilloscope Accuracy
  • Trigger Frequency: 5MHz to 500MHz
  • Integrated Ultra Low Noise Bias Network

The HX2410 CW to CMOS Conversion Amplifier is intended for use as a peripheral component in precision oscilloscope test applications. The HX2410 eliminates trigger induced jitter that is caused by the low slew rate of low frequency sinusoidal (CW) trigger signals, ultimately resulting in inaccurate oscilloscope measurements. The proprietary architecture maintains the integrity of an ultra low phase noise sinusoidal (CW) signal while converting it to a CMOS Logic level exhibiting the absolute lowest jitter available (see Figures 2-3). Holzworth products are 100% finalperformance tested for phase noise (jitter) verification.

The HX2410 CW to CMOS Conversion Amplifier is also available with Holzworth’s multi-channel RF Synthesizer products as an integrated option. Inquire directly with Holzworth Instrumentation or a Sales Representative for more information.

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