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RF Synthesizers

The multi-channel architecture is a complete success story. These compact, 1U high, 19in rack mountable chassis can be configured with up to 8 independently tunable channels. All integrated channels are 100% phase coherent.

Holzworth has designed the multi-channel platform for integration of our HSM Series Single Channel Synthesizers to maximize channel-to-channel stability via a conductively cooled, fan-less enclosure.

The internal Reference Distribution Subsystem is designed to support phase coherency across all loaded channels (internal synthesizer modules). In addition to free running, the multi-channel synthesizer can operate from either a 10MHz or 100MHz external reference, while supplying dedicated fixed 10MHz and 100MHz reference output signals.

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HSY Series  


HSY Series

The HSY Series are broadband frequency sources that exhibit best in industry phase noise performance coupled with the highest channel density available in its class. The YIG based architecture also enhances spectral purity performance coupled with a highly accurate dynamic range of up to +20dBm and down to -110dBm. The 1U high form factor offers 1 or 2 channel models; all providing the ultimate in frequency accuracy, while the phase coherent RF outputs provide the ultimate in channel-to-channel stability.


HSX Series  


HSX Series

The HSX Series are broadband PLL based frequency sources that offer excellent noise and spectral purity performance coupled with a highly accurate dynamic range of up to +20dBm and down to -110dBm. The 1U high form factor offers 1, 2, 3 or 4 channel models; all providing solid frequency accuracy with phase coherent RF outputs for high end channel-to-channel stability.


HS9000 Series  

HS9000 Series

Holzworth now offers the HS9000 Series Multi-Channel Synthesizers, allowing the user to specify anywhere from 1 to 8 independent channels (per 1U chassis) with any combination of frequencies spanning from 250kHz to 6.7GHz. This user defined platform provides the flexibility to tailor a multi-channel source to an application with short lead times and optimal price points.





Holzworth RF Synthesis products are warranted for 3 years against manufacturing defects. All product repairs and maintenance must be performed by Holzworth Instrumentation. Holzworth reserves the right to invalidate the warranty for any products that have been tampered with or used improperly. Refer to the Holzworth Instrumentation's standard Terms & Conditions of Sales for further details.



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